Thermodynamic Water Heater

Ballon Atlantique 200L


VMC ATLANTIC thermodynamic storage water heater (Cagnes sur The thermodynamic heat pump is a storage water heater equipped with a mini air to water heat pump.

This heat pump is found either under the water heater or several metres from it, connected by a refrigerant pipe

With this system you can heat water in a few hours and use four times less energy than a traditional hot water storage tank.


For example, per year the thermodynamic hot water heater uses around 80 euros of energy to heat water for a family of four, whereas for the same family the standard water heater tallies 350 euros.


The thermodynamic water heater is a reasonable investment in a house, and soon recouped through the government’s tax allowances and the savings you make on your heating bills.


Easy to install

The thermodynamic hot water storage heater can be installed almost anywhere inside your home, the best places being the utility room, a cellar or the garage.

Produce hot water with renewable, ecological energy.

The thermodynamic water heater uses the free energy it finds in the air to produce hot water, meaning that the house requires less energy, and is less of a drain on the planet’s resources.

The technical features you should know about.

The main features you should know about in order to be able to judge the thermodynamic water heater’s performance are:


The heating-up time

The noise made by the generator