Pool Heating

Why heat your pool?


You want to enjoy your pool, but when the water is too cold, no-one wants to go in!

Heating your pool will allow you to enjoy it not only in the summer, but in spring and autumn, and maybe all year round!


It is a common preconception that heating a pool is a luxury.

This is a misconception because today’s economical solutions can heat your pool for only 1 or 2 euros per day.

Seen from this point of view, you have to agree that only using a pool for a mere two months a year is the luxury!


There are many ways to heat your pool

The first stage in choosing a unit is to have a thermal study done: a professional will do this for you and take into account factors such as the size of the pool, the location, how sunny and windy it is, the equipment.... He will define your needs in calories and then “size up” the best product.


Once the study has been done, you may have several options.


Why choose the heat pump?

Basically, because it is economical to run.


This is because the heat pump works by taking heat from the air around it and delivering it to the pool. So, if you need to take 10 kWs to the pool, the heat pump will take 8 kWs from the air and only need 2 kWs of electricity to run: the ratio of 2 units used for 10 units provided is called the COP (Coefficient of Performance), and in this example the COP is 5.



ZODIAC 21kW Swimming pool heat pump, (Mougins)