Underfloor Heating

1 the under-floor heating/cooling system

Most often installed in new properties, it is embedded in screed and is therefore invisible.


An under-floor heating system installed throughout your home pumps a controlled flow of warm water in winter, and cooled water in summer through plastic tubing embedded in the floor.


This system gives you optimal comfort:


Deliciously pleasant Heating: hot water (30°-35° max) is pumped through the pipes, providing sufficient warmth even on a cold day.


Refreshingly Cooling: cold water is pumped through the pipes cooling the home by several degrees.

Two types of slab are presently available on the market for under-floor hydraulic heating: pre-moulded slabs and flat slabs: two approaches tailored to the needs, customs and habits of each professional.

Both types of slab make it possible to thermally and mechanically detach the floating screed from the rest of the work, moreover they enable you to place DN16 or DN 20 tubing at regular intervals. The total thickness of the layers is dictated by the requirements of the RT 2012 and heating needs (24-69mm).

Flow control taps



This enables each separate surface you are heating to be manually activated or not and, for greater precision, a thermostat, with or without wires, can make the process automatic.